Office storage ideas for any space

Office storage ideas for any space

For the majority of office workers, the last few years have seen a more adaptive and flexible approach to their working environment, which has meant the spaces in which we work have become far more varied.

Now, even within a working week, it is perfectly possible to find yourself hotdesking in a large open plan office space, settling in to your own personal office space or perching on the dining table of your own home – or perhaps even any mix of these possibilities.

Whatever the nature of the space you now call home as your working space, having the right furniture in place will play a key role in making that space a comfortable and inspirational area that promotes productive working.

Key to creating the correct working environment will be comfortable seating and an appropriate desk space which suits your needs, but alongside these core elements will be the right type of storage to make sure that your working area stays clear and clutter free.

Finding the right storage for different working spaces requires a bit of thought, as naturally what works well in a corporate office will not always be the right solution for a kitchen-cum-office arrangement at home.

So how do you find the right office storage ideas to fit with your working space?

As a starting point, you will need to have an accurate idea of the type of items you will need to store and the volume of space these might require to be kept in their place, in a tidy and safe fashion. Will it only be your own items that you’ll be storing or will there be material from other work colleagues who might require you sharing storage.

For a corporate space with shared storage, larger, executive office storage cabinets are an ideal solution. Waterfront Warehouse has a varied collection of executive storage units including top brands such as the ever-popular Armario and Cubic selections, each manufactured to the highest standard in Europe.

Within these stylish ranges you can choose a variety of shelving layouts and cupboard options balanced with open shelving, all available in six different quality materials including glazed and wooden finishes. This allows you to store your files, books, reference materials or equipment in the ideal arrangement of shelving, closed cupboards and open surface area.

For the home office, you might want your storage to be more discreet and your desk space to be multifunctional so it feels less like work is encroaching on your home life when the working day is done. With the boom in working from home, innovative ideas for how to facilitate your working space are coming online all the time.

Waterfront Warehouse has an incredible selection of these creative concepts that maximise the use of space and provide effective storage solutions to keep your working life hidden away when you don’t want it seen. For example, your office space can double as a wall-mounted cupboard unit or even a lift-the-lid coffee table, so that when it’s time to switch off, your home really does look like home.

There is so much choice in terms of versatile and stylish office desks with storage that finding the right look for your home can really be an asset to your interior design. From industrial minimalism to grand and luxurious oak finishes, your office space in your own home can tick all the right boxes to match your personal ethos. And with an efficient use of space and the right storage options for you, clutter can be a thing of the past.

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