Best office chair for back pain

Best office chair for back pain

Back pain is something that approximately 80% of adults can expect to experience during their lifetime. The severity of the pain can range from acute, short-term pain that lasts for a matter of days through to more severe chronic back pain which may last indefinitely.

As well as being a significant contributor within the UK to the number of workdays lost to sickness and one of the most costly uses of NHS resources, back pain and related conditions are the most common cause of job-related disability.

Even now, when more of us are working from home, the amount of time we spend sitting at our desks is likely to be a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. In fact, when working from home, we can be less inclined to take screen breaks as there is less opportunity to meet and greet with colleagues when you are at home alone.

When sitting at our desk for long periods of time, the posture we adopt can play a key part in how our body acts and reacts to the way we sit. Over time, this can be a major factor in the development of back pain as well as muscular pain in other parts of the body.

The majority of office chairs feature adjustable elements that help you to position yourself at the right height for your workstation, but in some circumstances you may need additional support. So how do you find the best office chair to prevent back pain?

To maximise comfort, you’ll need a chair with lumber support or an ergonomic arrangement that encourages you to assume an upright seated position and relieve strain on your back. Here are three suggestions from Waterfront Warehouse that might help you find the best office chair for you to avoid back pain.

The OT-01 operator chair is a classically designed kneeling chair which encourages a more ergonomic posture and distributes the user’s weight across the body more evenly, relieving strain on pressure points within the back and leading to less risk of back pain compared to a standard chair.

Its wooden frame is based on an authentic European design which features adjustments for both the angle and height of the chair, ensuring the maximum level of comfort and making it ideal for general office use.

A kneeling chair is not for everyone, so if you are looking for a more robust seating option with specific lumber support, the OT-Ergo seat has been designed for heavy-duty 24-hour usage, whatever the office setting.

Featuring an extra high back and adjustable arms, the OT-Ergo helps to deliver optimum comfort with a number of enhanced ergonomic features specifically designed to benefit employees in the way that they sit and move over the course of their working day.

Particularly noteworthy is the Asynchro mechanism which provides free floating back action within a lockable seat and back, while the chair also includes a back rake adjustment with lumbar support. There is also weight tension control with a standard tilt lock plus a CMHR high resilience, flexible foam seat for enhanced comfort.

If you are looking to find a good office chair to help prevent back pain when you are working from home, then you might want to consider this Operator Chair with lumber pump. It offers great flexibility in the adjustment options available including back rake and back height adjustment, plus there is a seat height adjustment function too. A pneumatic lumbar pad allows you to control how much enhanced back support you might need while the waterfall seat provides increased comfort.

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