How high should a desk be?

How high should a desk be?

Many of us spend hours of our working day sitting at our desks… but how high should a desk be?

Productivity, energy levels and even the quality of work can be impacted by the height of your desk so it is important to get it right.

During lockdown, too many people sat crouched over their laptops which have had significant long-term effects on their posture.

Achieving proper desk height can prevent future problems with back pain and posture and the height of your desk (as well as that of your chair) can play an important role in both achieving comfort and productivity.

The standard height of an office desk is about 28 to 30 inches tall – or 70 to 76 cms – and this will work well for anyone who is between 5 ft 8 inches and 5 ft 10 inches tall.

But, of course, not everyone falls into this category and one size will not fit all.

The best desk height for one person may not be good for another so adjustments may have to be made. People who are shorter or taller may need to change the height of their desk in order to work in comfort and to prevent future skeletal problems. As such, choosing a good office desk which can adjust between 22 and 33 inches would be more ergonomically correct for many people.

Different neck, arm and torso lengths play a part in finding the best desk height for each individual.

The best way to find the proper height for yourself is to make sure the surface of the desk is at elbow level when seated.

If your desk is too high, you could be at risk of overworking your shoulder and arm muscles. If you are putting too much strain on your shoulder muscles, they can have a tendency to ride up which is not good for your posture or wellbeing. You may also experience elbow, wrist or hand discomfort.

Conversely, if your desk is too low, you might find yourself leaning forward as you work to extend your arms as you try to use the keyboard or your mouse.

The best way to determine if your desk and chair are right for you if to test if your forearms are at the same height as your desk when you are sat down.

Your elbows should be in an open 90 to 110 degree angle and your feet should be touching the floor (or a foot rest if needed).

If you need to make an adjustment, raise the height of the desk. Don’t be tempted to lower the chair height because you will find yourself sitting with your knees above your hips which will put pressure into the lumbar area and result in back pain.

You may also automatically hunch your back which could lead to shoulder and neck pain.

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